Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to School

Hey kids!
I wanted to wish everyone the best of luck in starting back to school. This summer flew by and it's so weird to be back in the land of School IDs, parking spots, and no sleep...and for me, fried chicken and sweet tea.
I spent this summer with the sweetest kids, a 4 1/2 year old and a 6 year old who (thank goodness) loved art... so this is our printmaking adventure one day...

I was very impressed.
This summer I also painted everything known to creation... a mural in the church basement, a tree in my cousin Linnea's room and a giant baseball in my cousin Porter's room and many other things. 
Anyway, best of luck to everyone. I keep saying things that only you all would understand and then getting funny looks. So sad. Miss you all.


  1. I was literally just coming on here to wish everyone a happy start of school as well! You beat me too it :) That's awesome about all the painting! I'd love to see pictures sometime!

  2. Brilliant!
    I miss you.
    I've started an Italian class here on campus, and it's making me very nostalgic. Going over the basics again "Buongiorno! Come stai? Di dove sei?" makes me a jumble of sweetly sad memories, missing our class with Alessandro.
    Keep up the art!

    1. with DiMauro? I miss that man--give him my best wishes--from La fancuilla del Mid-West

  3. This is fantastic and so much fun! Thanks for sharing! Hope school has started well and that with the nostalgia there is much joy. There has been a lot of nostalgia on this side of the country as well :) Love you all!