Thursday, June 28, 2012


Ciao tutti,
For all of you that wanted it but didn’t get it, here is the crostata recipe that I wrote from Alessandro’s demonstration.  Disclaimer: The recipe is after Alessandro’s directions, which includes a lot of questimation, but I did my best to make things clear including photos.

Crostata Recipe
To make this type of crostata there are three stages
-the base
-the cream
-the fruit

 To make the base you will need
~1 stick of butter
-350 grams of flour (~2.5 cups)
-3 eggs
-150 grams of sugar (~3/4 cup)
To make the cream you will need (be warned as this part is essentially questimation)

~3 glasses of milk (I used ~ 24 ounces)
~3 large spoonful’s of flour
~3 large spoonful’s of sugar
-3 egg yolks

For the fruit you will need
-various kinds of fruit
                Bananas are recommended by Alessandro

Other Materials
-bowls of various sizes
-pie pan or something equivalent
-spoons- measuring and mixing
-fork or wax paper
-cutting board


For Base
-preheat oven to 320 f =160c

-melt the 1 stick of butter
-In separate bowl (while butter is melting)
                -pour in the flour 2.5 cups of flour
                -crack the 3 eggs in the center of the flour
               -gradually add in the ¾ cup of sugar and mix

-once the dough is thick, add butter gradually and mix
(Note: butter must be melted, but not too hot as this is the point where you may need to use your hands to mix)

-Add flour as necessary to make the dough less sticky
-put a cross in the center to bless the dough 

For Baking
-Butter the pie pan and press in the dough
-smooth edges with a spoon
-with a fork, poke hole in the dough to keep it from rising or cover with wax paper
-place in oven and bake for ~ 20 minutes
Note: This base can be used for most cakes and biscuits

 For Cream
-Heat 2 glasses of the milk (stir so it doesn’t burn) (note: here is where it is nice to have a helper)
-In a separate bowl
                -mix the 3 egg yolks and sugar
                -gradually add in the flour
                -add the 1 cup of cod milk into the mixture
-In a larger pan over low heat (or in a double boiler)
                -mix the mixture with the hot milk gradually
                -stir until it gets thick
(Note: A little trick of Alessandro’s is to put some pieces of the yellow of lemons in for flavor and then to remove them)

 For Completion
-Once baked take the base out of the oven and let cool for 5-10 minutes
-Pour the cream into the base
-wash and cut the fruit into strips
-refrigerate for ~ half a day for best results
(Note: gelatin per dolce (I don’t know the English equivalent) can be melted and poured on top to keep the fruit from browning)


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