Monday, June 18, 2012

Via Postierla Quote Board

Orvieto Quote Board:

“I just want him to be my tour guide FOR LIFE.” –Alyssa on Prof. Doll

“Why do they need Nutella commercials? Everyone loves Nutella.” –Heather

“I feel like today didn’t happen.” –Schuyler

“I hate it when dead people talk.” – Michela

“… And a UNICORN!” – Prof. Doll

“You know those ‘how’s my driving’ stickers? I think they don’t have them in Italy for a reason.” –Emily

“Dear people of Orvieto: Tomorrow we will look normal.” – Rachael

“Yeah. Why aren’t you a king? – Alyssa to Garrett

“It was working fine up until it caught on fire.” –Kate

“Cheese is a vegetable.” –Rachael

“All’s fair in love, war, and naming babies.” –Bailey

“I feel like I’m an elephant in the form of a 5’4” person.” –Olivia

“I was made near where the sun was made.” – Heather

“Why would you want to feed pigeons? Pigeons are stupid.” – Meaghan

“You’re so good at looking sad and despondent.” – Michela to Schuyler

“I feel the muscles pulsing in my forearm.” –Alyssa

“I need an artichoke stand-in.” – Rachael

“It smells like Purgatory: almost Heaven.” –Katie Joy

“He has a name that begins with a letter of the alphabet.” –Katie Joy

“I’m like a Kinder Egg that has an awful toy inside.” –Kate

“His whole life is an extenuating circumstance.” –Kate

“Can I sing you a song I wrote while I was lying on the floor between crunches?” – Katie Joy

“A hummingbird egg is 25% of the bird’s body mass.” – Garrett
            “What’s the human ratio?” – Heather
                        “Humans don’t lay eggs.” – Garrett

“I mean, haven’t you ever looked a cow in the eye and seen its intelligence? You don’t get that in a chicken.” –Schuyler

“I’m thinking of putting together an NFL team.” – Luke
            “Count me in, because I’m such a good soccer player.” –Audrey
(Schuyler, reading quote: “That’s wrong on two levels!”)

“I was designed to gnaw on bread.” – Alyssa

“This is my romance language.” – Alyssa

“I’ll evaluate according to your interpretation.” – Alessandro

“At least Snow White did chores.” –Schuyler

“So we can make Pentecost eggs!” (Alyssa on getting a late package with egg dye)

“That thing (organ) is unworthy of me.” –Anna

“I don’t really want to be John the Baptist.” –Katie Joy

“It’s my goal in life to marry a pirate; I don’t care who knows it.” –Kate

“What if deoderant came in lots of different forms, like ‘mashed potatoes’?” – Holly

“Pasta La Vista and Achuna Croistata!” – Olivia and Rachael, Via Postierla dinner

“I think if you fried an angel it would taste like this.” –Dave

“I’m so type A!” – Rachael

“You have to admit, it’s like a romance novel walking away.” – Jack (of the man on horseback)

“Anna, can we like plan playdates for our future ‘children’?” – Holly

“I’m all about sucking the life out of teabags.” – Claire

“Wouldn’t you like to have a giant rocking horse to ride around your house on?” –Katie Joy

“Corn only goes with itself.” –Paul

“So, what you’re saying is: Benedict is like Madonna?” –Bailey

“Your bed is part of the lovenest.” – Audrey
            “The bed IS the lovenest!” – Olivia

“I’m wearing tights right now!” – Schuyler

“It’s like I just took a drink out of the Pacific Ocean.” – Paul

“I’m becoming quite an acrobat.” – Anna

“I use words from EVERYWHERE!” – Paul

“One of my favorite blasphemous things to do.” – Olivia

“Entitled yuppie frat boy.” – Paul on Saint George

“Are you putting gold in my hair?” –Heather
            “I am. This may be the only time anyone ever does that to you.” –Katie Joy

“Is this too exciting?” – Anna

“We’re like sprinklers, looking back and forth, back and forth.” – Jack

“Clear things are very hard to see.” – Don Forsythe

“You have descended into the Inferno. This is the 8th level.” – Jack
“This isn’t so bad.” –Schuyler

“I’m like loving this! Who even are we; this is great!” – Claire

“Over my dead body. In fact, I’d rather do the hobbits in the bed scene than Twilight.” – Prof. Doll

“The glass is always half full for me. Of poison.” –Kate

“Schuyler, were you reading it?!” – Kate
            “No, I was just looking at the words.” – Schuyler

“Is it an orangutan?” –Dave
            “No! I totally forgot about those!” – Audrey

“You don’t hunt pygmy owls.” – Anna

“Oh, wait! What is an octopus?” – Audrey

“I am The Cosby Show.” – Erin

“It’s OK! Put those away and just sing in suspenders.” – Jack on Paul McCartney in tight pants

“I’m really impressed with your ability to get the sun to move.” – Rachael

“Come se dice ‘lounging’?” – Anna

“Princesses never grow up.” – Anna

“Think safe thoughts.” – Don Forsythe

“Like nothing funnier than your professors bleeding profusely.” –Don Forsythe

“I like to grill… shirtless.”
“I hunt crocodiles… with a toothpick.”
            “I like to go to the zoo and scare the gorillas… with my biceps.”   - Schuyler

“There’s a lot of guilt in our blood right now.” – Prof. Doll

“Smoke, fluorescent lights, an accordion…” – Jack
            “That’s just a recipe for love right there.” – Prof. Doll

“We used to worship in a tent on a lake.” – Audrey

“It’s a very sad and happy day.” – Christy Forsythe
            “Sappy!” – Erin, under her breath.


  1. This makes me so happy! Thanks for posting this!

  2. I was crying from laughing when I read this. :)